Team NullPointer : Students of Uva Wellassa University Sri Lanka and Sabaragamuwa University Sri Lanka.

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Git Words - A Game for techies

Tech word assembling game with git commands

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Git Words (aka Git ❤️️ and Words 💙) is tech word assembling game. Anyone can join the game by entering a nickname. There are words split as chunks along with labels. Player needs to assemble them using git commands. And Top 10 user leaderboard is updating with players progress on game.


How to Play

  • Step 01 : Go to GitWords
  • Step 02 : Enter your nick name and click "START GAME" button

  • Step 03 : You will get few word chunks in purple coloured boxes

  • Step 04 : You need to arrange those chunks in a correct order

Example: (2)pl (1)es (0)Ap = Apples

To arrange these chuncks we have to use git commands as below

git add 0
git add 2
git add 1

  • Step 05 : After every word you have to commit your changes using below git command

git commit

If your arrangement is correct you will gain marks. If your arrangement is incorrect you will not gain any mark.

git reset

If the word you are constructing seems wrong you may reset the partially merged word but this will deduct one point.

  • Step 06 : After 3 minuits of time your total marks will be displayed on Screen.
    If you click the "PLAY AGAIN" button you will see heighest marks in leaderboard which is on right side of the screen

except that these are other commands you can perform in the terminal. - clear, cls to clear the console. - 'music off' to turn off music. 'music on' to turn it back on
And enjoy the game :)

Tested browsers: Chrome , Firefox

View the screencast:

Built With

Npm modules

  • "express": "^4.16.2",
  • "mongodb": "^2.2.33",
  • "": "^2.


  • Bootstrap 4

Frontend JS

  • Jquery


  • soundjs

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