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A peer-to-peer game where your objective is to escape a Monster that is chasing you.

V800 screenshot 2017 11 13 sombrio


There is a Monster chasing you. Your objective is escaping your horrible fate by running around the strange Maze Reality you are in while building/removing walls. The longer you survive the better ;)

Some walls will vanish or appear now and then, blocking your way or heping you (who knows, huh?). It is the very magical nature of the Maze Reality affecting you. Only this is not completely true.

Sombrio is a peer-to-peer game built on top of SSB (Secure Scuttlebut). Just gather your friends and play a LAN game.


There are three ways of playing this game:

  1. Play it by yourself by downloading the app and running it locally.

  2. Play with friends in a local network. Fire the app and changes to the world will be seen by all players.

  3. Join the distributed world by first installing ssbc/patchwork and joining a Pub like then fire Patchwork and after that start the game.

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