We are a group a software engineers who also love video games and wanted to marry the two together by building a web app that manages multi-user video game sessions.

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Battle Nodes!!

Battle Nodes is an online multi-user node app that servers up a multiplayer unity webgl game using sockets.

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Battle Nodes is an online multi-user node app that servers up a multiplayer unity webgl game. The main focus for this project was to create an application that would allow us to server up a game, regardless of what the game is, and connect players via a matchmaking process as well as record their victory and losses in a leaderboard using sockets. The game itself is designed to be interchangeable with little change to the node game server itself.

App Contains:

  • Player registration
  • Match Making
  • Launching into the Game
  • A Leader Boards (the page is there but the hook into the win/lose is not implemented)


For best (Game) experience please use Google Chrome as the graphics look best there however, the game loads faster in FireFox. The game itself is buggy as we focused more on the node app but it is playable. If you don't see the other player please go back to the main site and restart the match. Once a player has been defeated the game does not return you back to the lobby requiring a manual return back to the main app.


We addressed some of the minor bugs within the Unity game and put the changes on a personal instance of Heroku. If you would like to try that version here's the link http://battle-nodez.herokuapp.com/ .The app uses the same database so the leader board will update for both the Node knockout instance and our personal instance.


App Directions:

  • Register for an account or login if you already have one registered
  • Click on battle now
  • Wait for another player to do the same and be matched up
  • Once a match is made click on "I'm ready"
  • Once both player have done this the game launches
  • Have fun!

Game Controls:

  • Right Mouse Button to click on a destination to move
  • Left Mouse Button to shoot (Hold to shoot further)
  • Turret rotates to aim where the mouse is at

Built With

  • node
  • react
  • webpack
  • socket.io
  • gravatars
  • unity
  • unity webgl socket.io
  • unity "tanks!" assets (models/sounds/images only)

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