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Savant 🤖

Savant 🤖 is a chatbot that creates a journal of your memories and daily activities.

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Savant 🤖 is a chatbot that uses Machine Learning to create a journal of your memories and daily activities through Facebook Messenger.

For this alpha version we focused on movies and traveling. You can tell Savant about a movie you watched or a trip you went on, on a specific date, and it will create a journal entry for you with pictures and meta data.

Our vision is to make Savant recognize many other types of memories, to initiate daily conversations and to fill your journal entry through a back-and-forth conversation.


Talk to Savant on Messenger (m.me/savantbot) and tell it your memories and daily activities.

Example memories:

  • "Last Saturday I watched Murder on the Orient Express"
  • "I made pancakes for lunch last Sunday"
  • "Last Christmas I gave my wife a necklace"
  • "I went to Paris last month"

You can always see your timeline at https://savant.chat or press the "See timeline" button in the Messenger menu.

Built With

  • Node.js


  • Facebook Messenger API
  • Facebook Login API
  • DialogFlow
  • Heroku
  • Movie DB
  • Google Places API

Key libraries

  • React
  • GSAP
  • Express

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