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Spin The Bottle

Classic Truth game based on spinning a bottle has been brought to life in this hackathon attempt. Stay anonymous and ask your friends rubbish questions to make this more fun.

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The game is based on the Classic Truth game where a bottle is spun and other players get to ask a question to the player on which the bottle head stops. The fun part here is, you can stay anonymous while playing the game. It's super fun, enjoy the game with your friends anywhere around the world in real-time or with strangers.


  1. Start Game
  2. Login with Facebook or choose a username
  3. You will get a URL copy to clipboard option, click on "Copy to clipboard" to copy the URL
  4. Share the URL with your friends and ask them to join by opening the URL in their browser
  5. Once there are total of 4 players, the game will start
  6. The player who started the game will get the chance to spin the bottle first.
  7. Spin the bottle by touching and dragging the bottle in a circular path.
  8. Wait for the bottle to stop
  9. One of the players will be presented with an opportunity to ask a question.
  10. The player should answer the question and will have the next chance to spin the bottle.
  11. This will go on until you want.

Built With

  1. Node.js
  2. Socket.io
  3. Cocos2d.js
  4. EventEmitter class (open source)
  5. Images from Google (cc)
  6. Custom designed popups for game (ourselves)
  7. Luckiest Guy front from Google fonts

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