A search engine for hiring talent, built on top of data from parsed GitHub Repos. Finding the needle in a haystack.

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Haystack: A search engine for hiring talent, build on top of data from parsed GitHub Repos. Finding *the* needle in a haystack.

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Haystack is service that parses your open source code contributions and indexes you to help startups find exactly the talent they need, finding the needle in a haystack.


A college degree is no longer a good indicator of technical prowess. This is especially true in the case of computer science, as there exists in many parts of the world, a large mismatch between what the industry expects and what is taught by the academia. In my city atleast, this misalignment causes a lot of social problems leaving students in massive debt after spending four years at college and having learnt nothing.

Large firms continue to find suitable candidates with a scrupulous and time consuming interview process. Not only is this very expensive for the firm, it's also tiring for the candidates, particularly the ones who are actually qualified for the job. Moreover, disruptive startups on a tight budget do not have the luxury to engage in such a large head hunting game.

We believe that it takes considerable amount of deliberate practice to master a skill and mining a person's public github profile would reveal, to an extent, the time and effort the said person has put into mastering the skill. We have built a search over this data. The service lets you search for a particular skill and find all the talent who have put in real effort into mastering the skill, who have written considerable amount of code for that skill.

Search has, time and again, solved social problems. This is our attempt at simultaneously solving the hiring problem and removing the need for a college education.


  • College makes no sense in 2017.
  • But college -> degrees -> job.
  • A search on top of github profiles is a better solution.
  • Code -> job = College Not required


The Search box lets you search for skills like Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Go etc. Add someone button on the top right corner lets you submit a github username to be indexed by our system.

Very straight forward.

Currently it is limited to Javascript, Go, Ruby, Python, Scala and Java and related tags like express, vue for each of these 6 languages.

Built With

  • Node.js
  • Express
  • Vue
  • Neo4j
  • Bulma CSS Framework

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